Thursday, May 28

Illustration Friday : Cracked

Oh dear - I haven't been contributing to IF for ages and ages... 

This week the theme is CRACKED!
I have many items in the kitchen that I continue to use even though they have cracked. 
A bit of super glue ands some imagination means that things can be recycled.
Not sure about my tea cup though : ( 



Blogger xenos said...

know exactly what you mean. sentimentality makes things hard to get rid of sometimes...

7:46 am  
Blogger parisa mahmoudi said...

I like your style!!!So nice! :)

12:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done, Smasher. It's good to see you doing illustration Friday again. Keep it up and I'm sure you'll have lots of success.

8:35 pm  
Blogger amit said...

i liked the colour scheme u hv used. very well balanced.

11:36 am  

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