Thursday, June 11

IF - Craving

I missed IF last week because I was trying to do a masterpiece - so this week I have gone with a sketch on the back of an envelope.

One craving that does pop up occasionally is for a double chocolate chip Ben's Cookie warm from the oven!! Goes well with a nice cup of tea. I do often crave a cookie when I take my tea breaks during the day. In my student days my housemates and I would treat ourselves to a warm Ben's cookie (they seemed very expensive on our meagre budgets) to cheer ourselves up.

However my IF sketch is a bit inaccurate, because I would NEVER drink my tea near my wacom tablet for fear of having the accident that my fellow illustrator friend had. Tea all over the tablet, resulting in massive short circuit. Not what you need when a deadline is looming... 

The good news is that the tablet worked again after it had been dried out.

Thursday, May 28

Illustration Friday : Cracked

Oh dear - I haven't been contributing to IF for ages and ages... 

This week the theme is CRACKED!
I have many items in the kitchen that I continue to use even though they have cracked. 
A bit of super glue ands some imagination means that things can be recycled.
Not sure about my tea cup though : ( 


Thursday, May 21

Freddie and the Fairy

Here is Bessie from my Waterstones illustration competition entry. Am feeling a bit stupid having messed up the printing for the double page spread but am determined to carry on with my picture book aspirations!!

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Wednesday, July 30

Illustration Friday : Canned

I looked up "canned" and discovered it can mean to be "drunk". There has been a lot of getting "canned" outside at the moment with this lovely hot weather!

It's such fun packing a picnic and sharing it with friends. Do come and join us if you spot me in a London park...

I prefer a chilled wine to a "can" of lager does that count as getting "canned"?

Friday, June 6

Illustration Friday : Baby

I designed this card for a friend's baby shower last weekend, but never got to give it to her because she was in labour!

Congratulations Katie and Nick on the birth of your little boy : )

And it suits the IF theme this week, so here it is.

Wednesday, May 7

Illustration Friday : Seed

This week's theme for Illustration Friday is "Seed".
And it just so happens that I have been sowing seeds this week!
I have been growing tomatoes for a few years now, but this year I am going for some more salad vegetables! 
Last year, the cos lettuce I grew from mini plants went a bit mad and turned into tree-like things, but this year I will make sure I pick the leaves early!!!
Can't wait to serve salad that is fresh from our garden! (actually, they are being grown in pots and propagators...)

Friday, April 25

Illustration Friday : Primitive

Here's a very quick IF.

Last weekend I was at a dinner party discussing how "primitive" our old ways of communication seem to the younger generation...
I learnt to type on a type-writer, and even wrote LETTERS rather than texted or emailed my friends and family. My brother calls my era "pre-mobile" and it's not REALLY that long ago...

This illo is of a properly primitive telephone. It does work, but is more impressive with a longer piece of string...