Thursday, June 11

IF - Craving

I missed IF last week because I was trying to do a masterpiece - so this week I have gone with a sketch on the back of an envelope.

One craving that does pop up occasionally is for a double chocolate chip Ben's Cookie warm from the oven!! Goes well with a nice cup of tea. I do often crave a cookie when I take my tea breaks during the day. In my student days my housemates and I would treat ourselves to a warm Ben's cookie (they seemed very expensive on our meagre budgets) to cheer ourselves up.

However my IF sketch is a bit inaccurate, because I would NEVER drink my tea near my wacom tablet for fear of having the accident that my fellow illustrator friend had. Tea all over the tablet, resulting in massive short circuit. Not what you need when a deadline is looming... 

The good news is that the tablet worked again after it had been dried out.


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