Thursday, August 31

Illustration Friday : Run

This year, we went skiing in Austria - and for the first time in my life, I went down a BLACK RUN. It was snowing... my goggles were steamed up...and my legs were shaking. I kept thinking: "Am I supposed to be enjoying this!?"

Well, thankfully I lived to tell the tale. But I haven't fallen over so much in a long time!

Thursday, August 24

Illustration Friday : Match

Is it just me who finds it impossible to find socks that match?!

Wednesday, August 9

Illustration Friday : Capture

Once upon a time, in an office in London, there was a little mouse who was SO excited to find a yummy piece of chocolate that he failed to see the big mug that was about to capture him!

(We let him go in the park, and he was allowed to keep the chocolate.)