Saturday, September 30

Illustration Friday : Quiet

I thought about lots of quiet times that I could illustrate, but I chose this because I think it's funny that we try to be quiet for the baby to sleep, but actually, most of them can fall asleep even when there is lots of noise.

Personally, I find it easy to fall asleep wherever - much to the amusement of some of my friends at uni...

Sunday, September 10

Illustration Friday : Farm

This is a picture dedicated to a little friend of mine who recently went to stay on a farm. I think she was a little scared at first, but helped to feed various animals at the end of the week!

My brother used to hate going anywhere near farms. He said they smelt pooey...

Sunday, September 3

Illustration Friday : Safe

"You'll be safe in here!"

That's what everyone kept saying to Kitty on the way to the airport.

Kitty was not so sure.
She had never felt particularly safe in this cage...

ps. This summer, we were walking by a river when we saw a family on holiday. They had brought their cat with them, and it was on a lead. It did not look very happy when another family passed by with their dog...