Friday, April 25

Illustration Friday : Primitive

Here's a very quick IF.

Last weekend I was at a dinner party discussing how "primitive" our old ways of communication seem to the younger generation...
I learnt to type on a type-writer, and even wrote LETTERS rather than texted or emailed my friends and family. My brother calls my era "pre-mobile" and it's not REALLY that long ago...

This illo is of a properly primitive telephone. It does work, but is more impressive with a longer piece of string...

Tuesday, April 15

Illustration Friday : Fail

Oh dear... I feel like I have FAILed with my IF efforts.

First post of the year and it's April!

Must try harder.

Chose to illustrate this, because I feel that a hug is what everyone needs when they have failed.

Got another rejection email from a publisher yesterday.
I need a hug...