Sunday, January 28

Illustration Friday : Red

When I first moved to England I was 5 years old.

There were lots of things that amazed me. but one thing that is really vivid in my mind is the shock of discovering that the sun is yellow, and not RED, in children's pictures over here.

I guess it is because of the Japanese national flag that the sun is associated with the colour red in the Land of the rising Sun.

I did try to persuade my new friends that the sun should be red in our pictures, but I was quickly defeated. All it took was for them to point at the sky... well really, it's more white than yellow, anyway!

Thursday, January 25

Illustration Friday : Superhero

New Year, New Me, New Style.

Chose to illustrate this because I think all parents are superheros!

I guess my parents were always my heros when I was little (I thought they knew EVERYTHING), but I didn't appreciate just how hard it is to have children and a house to run until my friends started trying!

At my age, my mum had a seven year old, a four year old and a baby, was living in a foreign country and... okay we didn't have a cat then, but we had goldfish.

No wonder our house was always chaotic.