Wednesday, May 30


Oh my word - I haven't posted since January.

But here I am again, responding to Kwoozy's tag!

Seven random things about myself?
Here goes:

1. I first met my husband when we were 16, in an A-level French class. I was the only girl, because everyone else got lost and didn't make it to the classroom (I only made it because one of the other boys in the class recognised me and stopped me as I walked in the opposite direction)

2. I am very squeamish (blood, gore, gunk, bodily functions, YUCK) but have tried to overcome this by working for my university first aid team, giving blood, and working in pharmaceutical market research (interviewing patients and doctors on stuff)

3. When I was three, I lived in Switzerland and wanted to be Heidi.

4. I do not consider swimming to be a recreational activity.

5. When my oven broke and I had to cook a cake for 3 hours before it solidified, my friends told me it was the best cake they had ever tasted...

6. My dream is to own a cafe-gallery-shop, so that I can sell tea and cakes, my artwork, and imported items from Japan!!!!

7. I have a very short attention span.

Now, I have to tag SEVEN people!!! But I don't know enough bloggers well enough... SO I want to tag the first SEVEN bloggers who read this post (if you haven't been tagged yet).

It's up to you to admit that you are one of the first seven. Just leave me a comment so that I know who you are!! THANKS :)