Monday, October 22

Illustration Friday : Grow

This week I knew exactly what I wanted to draw for the theme of GROW.

Once upon a time, I could not WAIT to grow (up) and do exciting things.
Now I wish I would STOP growing - because I seem to be GROWing in the wrong directions...

Friday, October 19

illustration Friday : Extremes

Have you heard of extreme ironing?

I think it's a rather extreme way of making ironing slightly more interesting.

Ironing is a sport that I extremely dislike and go to extremes to avoid.

Not sure being halfway up a cliff would make it any better...

Friday, October 12

Illustration Friday : Open

When some people open their mouths, intelligent comments flow out.
When others open their mouths, beautiful words tumble out.

When I open my mouth, not a lot comes out...or if it does, it sounds all wrong.
Why is that?

ps. Thanks to IF for organising an exciting competition! Hopefully this will provide a springboard for me to get back into submitting again : )